WTS Pilot mining support character

WTS Pilot


Price: 5.0 B/O

-Will be relocated to Amarr or Jita
-Positive Wallet

-No kill rights

-In NPC corp

-One jump clone located in Amarr


Approx. 6 million SP

-The character possesses several level V skills to include Mining Foreman V, Cybernetics V, Research V, Spaceship Command V, and Ice Harvesting Drone Ops V

-Currently mapped to perception/memory with Improved augmentations (w/ remaining augments = standard)

-Skills Plugin skills for full Orca and mining operations support (e.g. industrial command ship.)

5 bil B/O

Great. I will transfer her out of 0.0 later tonight EST.

Amarr or Jita - do you have a preference? Once I do that please send funds and provide recipient account.

Thank you.

ok. good write when you will be ready. jita or amar as you wish :slight_smile:

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Be in Amarr in a few minutes. Please send ISK and account name when ready.

hi. acc info and isk sent

Got and transferred - 23 Sep 2019 00:44.
Please confirm here when you get the notification. Thanks for smooth transaction.

All done thank you :kissing_heart:

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