WTS 9.8mil SP freighter V/mining toon (with 250K unallocated on top)

As by the title she is a basic freighter pilot with Amarr freighter V
Located in everyone’s favorite place to hate Jita 4-4
Comes with a total lack of kill rights which I know is a massive disappointment for a freighter pilot, lacking all those trills.
Her wallet is in the black, though I fear you will need to add some to it for those collateral payments once you acquire her.
She is an NPC corp even if the skillboard doesn’t show it quite yet.

Can be easily trained towards Jump freighters or more into the mining side of things, all up to you.

take a look yourself over here: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Amyll_Yazria

Price start at 8B and feel free to shoot me a nice offer.

8 Bill

8bil highest bid will sell by end of day my local time if no higher bids are in.

@Kladi_Eggar You won, please arrange payment and send me a eve mail with the account information for the transfer.

Sure, thank you. I will inform you about details asap.

@Amyll_Yazria Account name and isk has been sent to Amyll Yazria

@Kladi_Eggar Transfer started

Thank you .

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