Would like to check the price for this toon:

Skills at 5:
Mining Director
Mining Foreman
Cybernetics (for PERFECT mining boosts)

Industrial Reconfiguration (t2 core)
Capital Industrial Ships
Industrial Command Ships (lvl 5 orca lol)

Mining Drone Operation
Mining Drone Specialization (yeah)
Drone Interfacing/Navigation/Avionics

if I will face a reasonable price will move toon to an NPC corp and sell it.
Reason for selling: tired of rorq mining

testing trading ships cant be part of the trade, but I will offer 9b for the character.

Oh, thank you for notifying about ships :slight_smile:
9b is kinda lower my expectations, but will keep in mind your offer!

bump to the top

bumperino i guess.

What is your expectations? I am interested in purchasing a dedicated rorq pilot.


Thats why i asked for a price check.

I think you’re reaching a bit too much there, with skill injectors being what they are and most people buying for extractors, when someone who does want the character comes around they’re only paying slightly over extraction. Best you can hope for here is like 13b

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I’ll pay 12.5b - if you inject JDC to V I would do 13b


bump :slight_smile:

Still bumping

12.6 b bid

let me know if you have a price in mind, isk is ready

Uhm. Lets wait like 7 days for bigger bids :slight_smile:
But id accept 15+ offers I guess.

character missing a few mil SP that i wish it had, but im willing to pay 13B for it right now

Ok, will make a dinner and will move char our of corp and null for you.
In like one- two hours everything shall be ready

Also i would like to transfer it via plexes.
So after i make a support ticket it might take some time.

bids on forum are in isk, i bid in isk, you can convert;
will mail the account name and isk to Testing Mining.
please comment when you have started the transfer.

thank you (:

testing mining (me) is out of corp, in high sec and with positive isk wallet.

confirming that will transfer toon via website, not via plexes + support ticket