SOLD Orca miner, endurance, Barge IV - 8m

Not happy with scarcity thinking in sell this pilot.

  • Mining drone specialization IV
  • endurance / prospect ready
  • cyno
  • Mining Barge Barge IV
  • cybernetics V with 3 implants

Not sure price, offer decent and i sale

First, i am not offering NOW, but if i get isk form other sale, maybe offer.

5m points chars are around 2.9 - 3b

6 extractors / injectors = 340m each. = 2b aprox.
implants = 300m

For the implants and utilities, i value your character in around 5.3m , but you can get probably around 4.9 or 5b, if i was the seller, will be happy gettng 4.9 or 5b for him.

By the way, your character is well focused and have some extra value for that.

Edit : your link is wrong.

link corrected, thanks

Still thinking of selling? Im wanting to get into mining/indy and shopping around

Yesd, i can sell this pilot. 4.9b is ok for me

Can do 4.5B now. If its any consolation not going to strip him.

ok, send me theisk, i need free the slot.

Isk sent.

Isk received, i dont see the account name to transfer, can u please sent a mail with the accounrt name ?

i transfer in twenty minutes max, i am finisihing a mission in my omega.

Transfer done, please update the thread when you receive the real life CCP mail about the transfer.

Received email confirmation, awaiting character.

You have in ten hours. Enjoy.

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