Sold Please Delete

Selling an xtra Orca Miner, T2 Mining Drones, Ind Cmd Ships at 5.

All Forum rules apply, seller pays transfer, no killrights, isk positive, located in Jita.
First come, first serve.

I’ll offer 6.5

@Mj11jM_Hegirin - Thanks for the offer but I’m firm at 8.5, he’s worth it.

I like the fact that you have cybernetics 5 and it is a fairly focused character. There are some drawbacks though, the shield skills are fairly weak, you dont have any remaps available, and you dont have a +5 training clone set which will cost approximately 600 mill. Your price is fair for what it is and you can probably sell it for that in a few days or less. I am willing to offer 8 Billion ISK now if you are willing to come down a little on your price.


Accepted 8B, send isk and account details and I will start transfer.

ok I am starting a convo with you in game to make sure I have the right character

ISK and account information sent

@Alocose, Isk and account details received, transfer starting now.

I see the character transfer inbound I will confirm tomorrow when I have received the character. Thank you and happy new year.

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