Selling 27M sp Orca/Hauler char (SOLD)

Notable skills:
Industrial command ship 5
Mining Director 5
Minmatar Freighter 4
Mining drone specialization 5
Ice harvesting drone specialization 4

Also got decent ore and ice refining skills.

Will be located in Jita 4-4 if sold. No jumpclones or killrights, positive wallet.

Will not sell for less then 16B, not in a hurry to sell either so setting B/o at 22B


12B here

Extraction value is about 15B, would rather do it myself then give away 3B lol.


Bump. Will be online for about 2 hours if anyone has any questions.


16b offer

Thanks for the offer, will consider it, but not in a real hurry to sell.


i would do 16.25B


B/O 22 bil . Sending email with details. Once you confirm I’ll send the isk

B/o accepted. Send the isk and I’ll start the transfer.

isk sent awaiting for the character

At work ATM. Will start the transfer when I get home in about 6 hours.

Isk recieved, char transfer startet. Thanks for the trade!

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