SOLD Nice Orca Miner Capital builder Delve Clone 15m

Hi, i am not using thispilot any more, is 15m points ( 1.2m free to relocate)

Cyno capable
VNI Capable
Capital COnstructor IV ( supers )
Cyber V
Laboratory Operator V
Research V
Research Project Management 3
mining drone specailization III can easy be upgraded to IV / V
Solid Shields

This pilot is ready for print ISK, highly configurable and can be escalated easily to rorqual or Mining drone specialization V.

Disclaimer: Was used in the past as FW, now he can move freely in cadari space, but if you extract diplomacy can not. I dont know why is showing jacket, is using now simple clothes.

He is in high sec perimeter, two clones in null ( one in delve ), no killing rights, have positive wallet, all ccp rules apply.

I am receiving other character of the account now,
can transfer in nine hours, offer decent and i sell. I think in 12b as a good price for open bids.

Please answer the thread, dont checking evemail now.

9b offer, isk ready whenever

Wednesday BUMP

Today bump

I’ll go 9.5b

I’ll go 10b

Sold in 10b. Send me the isk and acc name and i deliver in aprox 4 hours, i am on road.

Answer the thread when sent =)

At work, will send ~8 hours. Will reply again when completed. Thanks!

Money sent, ingame mail sent with information. Thanks!

Trandfer one, please answer the threadwhen you receive the CCP email or the pilot.

Enjoy !

Email for transfer received, thank you!

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