SOLD WTS Mining Orca, PI, Refiner, capital Constructor 6.2b 11.3m SP

Because my main can do all the things i can do, i go to sell myself.

  • decent drones
  • mining drone specilaization III ( training IV )
  • Cybernetic V
  • Six planets of PI
  • Mining V
  • Reprocessing Efficienct V
  • Anchoring V (with a bok extra you can make citadels)
  • accounting V
  • Broker relations IV
  • Capital ship construction
  • 804 Beancounter refinery implant and +3 mining

Because extraction value is 4.9b and i pay in CC Euros, my Buyout and less price is 6.2 b

I am in high sec, no killing rights , positive wallet, all ccp rules apply.

DISCLAIMER I can transfer in two hours (today 16:00) because i sell other char in the same account an the 10 hours limit expire in two hours

Answer the thread if interested, not reading eve mail
Buyout 6.2b

5 bil

Sorry, i not want extraction price.

6.2 bil is ready

Accepted, sent the ISK and account Name and i tranbsfer in half hour with credit card.

isk and account info sent

Received. I am nin amarr for deliver in 25 min aprox.

Transfer done, please anwer the thread when you receive the ccp mail or the toon.

ccp mail has been received, thank you

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