SOLD WTS Six planet PI, mining V 5.5m char 3.3b

Hi, for the last changes selling myself because need free to space to consolidate accounts.

Remarks :

  • Mining V
  • Interplanetary Consolidation V
  • Minmatar Destroyer V
  • Accounting IV
  • Mining Barge IV

I am in high sec, no killing rights, positive wallet, all ccp rules apply.

Because you can extract an injector and i price in Euros, 3.3b is the price i accept. Not sell for 3b

If interested answer the thread, i can deliver in the night when return from work.

Does the char still up for sale?

Yes, if you sent me the isk, i transfer in the next hours. i am purchasing some items for the dinner

Im willing to pay 3.3b but Im only able to sent isk in 24 ~ 48h (due to away with family for holiday).

Also, as per the rule, your character need to be in npc corp and disclose few thing regard to wallet, kill right, jump clone and location.

i am rural.

Understand. I am busy too.

Please update the thread when ou sent the isk, and i transfer as soon i can, its ok for you ?

Im ok with that. But please follow the guidance/requirement here Welcome to the Character Bazaar

Merry Chrismast.

ok i update wit rural in some minutes doing abbyssals now

As i say in the initial post

I am in high sec, no killing rights, positive wallet, all ccp rules apply.

I have a jump clone with implants in perimeter and i leavse some minutes ago the corporation. I am in ARNON high sec. Pleae tell me if i need disclose anything more.

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everything looks good… what I see… just make sure the first post is not deleted after the sale.

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Isk and info sent.

First time Im doing this so contact me if something wrong.

No problem i done the transfer one minute ago. Please answer the thread hen you receive the pilot or the ccpo real world mail.

Fly safe.

Email received. Thanks.

Fly save o/

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