SOLD WTS Nice name 6m Miner Cyber V

Hi, selling myself for the recent changes in game

Mining barge with T2 highsec crystals
Cyber V
PI with Five planets
Nice name
short history corp
400K SP without use, you can use what you want
Can extract direct two extractors

All ccp rules apply pay with credit cards, no negative wallet, no killrights

Already drop the Corp but no see at the moment.

Offer decent and i sell, i checking thread, no eve mail

Today Bump

Another bump

Friday Bump

3b. B/o

3.2 and is yours, i need fre the space.

Split the difference 3.1B

ok sent and i deliver.

IF the character is available, i offer 3.8b

Isk was just about to be sent. If seller can confirm what they would like to do. I am happy to match.


I am now commuting in my way of work, if u sent the 3.8 before @reb_michael_Klimrod i sent to you.

I can deliver in two hours.

Isk sent

Transfer done, i was in a monday meeting.

Please answer the thread when you receive the CCP mail.

Transfer started! Thank you

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