SOLD WTS Female Miner Barge IV Cyber V 4.95m cheap

Hi, i use myself as a Scout for other pilot, but with the blackout and new rules of cyno dont use mroe the character.

Miner V
Mining Barge IV
Cybernetics V
Planetary Interactions V planets.

250000 points available and if i sell today, i can put an extra alpha inyector 50000, and you can anyway put an inyector with full efect.

Is in high sec, no killing rights, positive wallet, i pay with credit card then the transfer is instant.

If interested pleae answer thread, i am dont reading eve mail.

Today Bump

3.75 billion

Offer accepted

will send in 8 hours or less to @Lisa_Evans

ok please update thge thread when do so.

Isk and account name sent

Received and Alpha injector used.

Before 250k unallocated, now 300k unallocated.

Transfer done

Please confirm when you receive the CCP eve mail.

tranfer completed

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