SOLD WTS Gorgeous 4.5m female miner/VNI 2.8b

Hi, reducing number of pilots because the plex prices.

Gorgeous Beginner with 4.5m points, she have 250k points ready for use. I think can use VNI decent and mining in barge too

Is in high sec, rens area, positive wallet, no killing rights all ccp rules apply.

I am in work, if interested answer the thread, i can transfer quickly but no checking mail

daily bump, if interested answer the thread.

2.8 for the girl, i dont want biomass her.


Hello, I’m interested in her. I will be able to purchase her this evening after work today. About 8 hours or so from now. If you get a better offer, no problem. Thanks :jack_o_lantern:

3 bil b/o

I sell to the first people to send me the isk and acc name, answr the thread and i delvier in ten minutes.


you must be in npc corporation

Already done, i am connected

info and isk sent

transfer done, please confirm you receibe the mail.

thanks for the business.

still waiting transfer

Hi, seller here. I assume is in your account, not in my account any more

all done. Thankj you :kissing_heart:

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