SOLD WTS Female 5m miner barge IV nice name

Hi, because i am taking a time of the game, selling an usunused alpha pilot.

She have 275k points (book + baby injector), and look as a 5.2m points in game.

Mining upgrades 4
mining v
astrogeology V
mechanics V
Hull upgrades V
veldspar and palgio IV
Mining barge Iv
Gallente industrial Iv

You can use the points in what you want.

I am not reading eve mail, please answer thread.

no killrights
positive wallet
is in high sec
no corp history.

I would like to Offer 3B and a lovely long-time Home :slight_smile:

Sold, send me the 3b and i deliver as soon i can.

ISK and Account Details sent. Thanks a bunch!

Delivered !

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