SOLD WTS Female DST, PI, cyber V and Barge IV

(Lady Plasma) #1

Hi, selling this Female pilot

Gallente Industrial V
Mining Barge IV
Mining Frigate V (for gas or ice), can fly prospect and endurnce
Cloaking IV
Mining V
AstroGeology IV
Cybernetics V

have some drones and not wasted points, have 5m points, interested in sell her because i need the slot.

Positive wallet, in high secc (penirgman), no kill rights, one clone with +4, and all CCP rules apply.

Please answer the thread, i am not reading the eve mail.

(Iryger Regyri) #2

2B, online and isk ready =)

(Lady Plasma) #3

Sorry, need 3b at least.

2b dont cover the transfer cost.

(Red Lola) #4

3 b here

(Lady Plasma) #5

Accepted, please send the ISK and the Account name to me, and i send the character ASAP.

Remember answer here when the isk is deklivered.

(Red Lola) #6

isk and info sent

(Lady Plasma) #7

Transferbegin one moment ago. Thanks for the business.

(system) #8

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