SOLD WTS Female Miner 3.9m, Mining Barge IV , PI and drones

(Inactive Seller) #1

Hi i need free the space. Iam selling this female pilot.

3.9m assigned in game screen, and 250k free points.

Mining Barge IV
Cyber IV

No history, some points in drone to be useful.

She is in kisogo, positive wallet, ni kiling rights, all ccp rules apply.


I can trandfer her passing 5 hours the downtimne, need fund my credit card.

Please answer the thread, i am not reading eve mail.

(Dawn Parker) #2

i am for sale

WTB Budget friendly PVE/MINER
(GoldenDwarfz Gemulus) #3

I am intrested in Dawn, can she pilot exhumer or only barge?

(Inactive Seller) #4

Only barge but have 250k and the injectors take full effect currently because is less than 5m

(GoldenDwarfz Gemulus) #5

Would you take 2.5 billion

(Inactive Seller) #6

2.6 and is yours.

(GoldenDwarfz Gemulus) #7

Does she have ship and some assets?

(Inactive Seller) #8

Lol. no.
But making a Procurer fitted are 30m

(GoldenDwarfz Gemulus) #9

I will take her 2.6 billion is it possible for her to be transfered to my Alt account?

(Inactive Seller) #10

Yeah. send the isk and account name and itransfer in 20 min, need goto fund my credit card.

please answer here when the isk and account name were sent.

(GoldenDwarfz Gemulus) #11

Okay, I send to dawn Parker yes?

(Inactive Seller) #12

both to dawn parker yes . =)

remember send the mail with the acc name.

(GoldenDwarfz Gemulus) #13

ISK along with account name sent.

(GoldenDwarfz Gemulus) #14

Can you confirm?

(Inactive Seller) #15

receivedand i am entering the toon for stop queue and transfer. Give me 5 minutes.

(Inactive Seller) #16

transfer was done one moment ago, you must receive the mail of the transaction shortly ty

(GoldenDwarfz Gemulus) #17

Thank you.

(system) #18

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