SOLD Wts Female Miner V / Mining Barge IV cyno Cyber 5 / 4b

(LadyOfLight) #1

Hi, selling the pilot.

  • Cybernetics V
  • Mining barge IV
  • Astrogeology IV
  • Mining V - mining with crystals II
  • +4 implants (can put +5 for 2700)

Is in high sec, only the current jump clone, no kill rights, positive wallet, all ccp rules apply

what i am good for ?

  • High sec miner
  • Cyno
  • Planetary Interactions
  • Cyber V, put me implants +5 and i farm you skill points

s 5m points

4b i pay in euros.

If interested answer the thread, dont reading the Mail.

(Alyss Enna) #2

bid 3.5 b

(LadyOfLight) #3

3.7 and is yours.

(Alyss Enna) #4

Deal, will send is and acct info to LadyOfLight,

(LadyOfLight) #5

Ok, i go in five minutes t9o do so.

(LadyOfLight) #6

Transfer done, you must receive the email shortly, please confirm. Thanks for the business

(Alyss Enna) #7

Got the email, thx again.

(system) #8

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