SOLD WTS 5m Female DST /ORCA / Cyber V good for wormhole

Hi, i dont need the pilot anymoe and i am selling her.

  • She can sit in an ORCA and have the boks for miner orca, i assume 5 - 10 days
  • Short History corporations
  • +5 Implants
  • Occator / DST
  • Interplanetary +5 planets
  • Cybernetic V with implants, can be a farm
  • Can use a barge

This char has potential, can evolutionate to scanner, booster , reprocesser or industry alt.

Disclaimer: I can transfer in three to five horus aprox, asking 4b

She is in high sec, no killing rights, positive wallet

I am not reading eve mail, please answer the thread if nterested.

4b b/o


Ready and connected, send and i deliver

ISK and info sent in game

Transfer done, please answer the threadwhen you recieve the CCP mail confirmation.

Thank you, confirmation received.

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