SOLD WTS Female Orca Miner with Industry 10.6m

Hi, for the change in industry i dont need more her.

  • Nice support industry Book and production
  • Mining drone specializatcion IV
  • Including Capital construction
  • Cybernetic V with implants.
  • Pretty
  • Good name.

The pilot is in high sec, no killing rights, positive wallet. Tomorrow saturday go to stay away from home, if sold tomorrow can deliver in the night of tomorrow, but today and saturday morining i am here.

Offer decent and i sell. I am not reading Eve Mail, please answer thread.

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I can offer 3.5B

Offer 4.0b

Offer 4.5

Sold, sent the isk andand iaccount and i transfer.

Sold to whom? Me or Mother Alpha?

to you star craft, ready to deliver.


Account information is being sent from Saskia Klien (My Alt Account)
Money is sent

Ok i deliver in Ten minutes, currently doing a mission in omega and the account is alpha.

I update here when transfer.

Transfer done, please answer when you receive the character or the Eve CCP real world mail

Character Transferred

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