SOLDFemale Orca Miner 13m, 2.2 unallocated

Hi, for the change in industry 2021 i leave the game and now i return but need sold her to reactive others. She left corporation but no reflected in skill board yet.

12,995,828 sp
2,218,020 Unallocated

Can use orca or porpoise and can be booster if u use the points she had available.

Mining drone specialization IV
Mining Barge IV
Cybernetic V with implants in a clone in Arnon (2 +5 , 3 +4)
Good Drone for vexor or myrmidon ratting

Good name.

The pilot is in high sec (Uchoshi in forge), no killing rights, positive wallet. I pay the transfer. all CCP Rules apply

Offer decent and i sell. I am not reading Eve Mail, please answer thread.

9B offer

i need bought some implants. 9.2 and is yours. can transfer now.


Risa Oribe, sent the isk and account name and ui transfer.

ISK and ACC info sent

Transfer done. Please update the thread when you receive the pilot or the Eve real world mail.

No notice, then i assume was received.

Enjoy !