SOLD WTS Female Miner Orca and VNI 6.5m

Hi, because is the last character in the account i am selling myself.

I have 6.563,608 Points, 825,000 Unallocated. With that you can without problems boost the Mining drone SPECIALIZATION or do other things.

*Zero history

  • Mining V
  • Mining Barge Iv
  • cpu management v ( can be cyno easy )
  • drone avionics V ( fastest )
  • cybernetics v
  • five planets of planetary interaction levels IV
  • Can use a VNI.

She is near with the points to be an orca booster, choose yourself the future.

Not sure of the price, she is in dodixie, no kill rights, have positive wallter, ready to transfer .

If interested answer the thread, i am not reading the EVe mail.

I’m very interested.

Can you convo me?

Yeah, give me a minute.

Deal made in game, waiting isk and account name

Confirming offer of 6.5 billion ISK accepted by Sarah Hoover in-game.

ISK and account user name sent.

Isk and acc received. I made the transfer one minute ago, please confirm you receive the email of the toon

Enjoy !

Transfer notification received.

Many thanks for the smooth transaction!

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