WTS 15m SP Mining and transport/Orca pilot (SOLD)

Not perfect skills, started to extract some but decided to sell her. http://eveboard.com/pilot/Mina_Therrin

She’s been my mining alt forever but I just really don’t mine much at all. She’ll be in highsec (Gallente), pos sec status, pos wallet, all CCP rules followed.

Will consider all offers over 8B, hope to sell by Saturday.

i offer 10b if is at 15m now.


She’s 15,277,337 as of this moment in game

i offer 11 just now.

Will you be online for a bit? I’m moving her now to hisec and dropping corp…if I don’t see a better offer in the next hour I’ll accept 11bil.

I have no problem in move myself out of null if u want, i am online with my 11b waiting.

Ok, I’ll accept 11bil. In game now

One moment please i go on

I am on in my alt, i send you the moment one moment ago with the extra 5 isk at final, checking account to send

Isk received, awaiting account info to transfer

My banker send you the acc name

Many Thanks !

No worries, transfer is done on my end, please confirm on yours when you can.

I receive the eve mail of the transaction. I plan hold her forever (or many time at least)


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