WTS 19 mil SP exhumer/orca pilot

(Miho Mageek) #1

Hello everyone,

I’m for sale. 19 mil SP pilot with good amount of mining and reprocessing skills. Currently training for Rorqual. All the skills already injected.

Feel free to leave offers below:


No killrights
positive balance
Located in Jita

(Vorian Astraeus) #2

I’ll give you 18bil right now.

(Miho Mageek) #3

Sounds good to me.

(Miho Mageek) #5


(Miho Mageek) #6

Still for sale.

(Miho Mageek) #7

Still looking for a new owner.

(Fourbio) #8

offer 12b

(Miho Mageek) #9


(Cap Alberto Bertorelli) #10

ingame mail send

(bitontheside) #11

18,5bill B/O

(Miho Mageek) #12

I’ll accept the offer. Please transfer the Isk and inform me of the account you would like me to be transferred to and I’ll initiate the transfer.

(bitontheside) #13

isk and info has been send

(Miho Mageek) #14

transfer was initiated a couple hours ago. so it’s underway

(bitontheside) #15

transfer mail recieved. waiting the 10 hours timer. thank you for the deal