Orca pilot with great mining/ice drones skills 11.6mil~ SP


Located in highsec.
Positive standing.
Positive wallet.
2 bonus remaps.

A good rorq candidate.

I will pay the transfer.

Bids over 12b will be considered.

Nice character, i can offer 10b.


Thanks for the bids, i am looking for a bit more though.

Bump, still looking for offers.


Still taking offers. Looking for atleast 12b.


Daily bump.

Still looking for offers.

can give you 11 b

If you are willing to give me some time to collect money, I can give you 12b

I will have the sale up a few more days, so just let me know when you have the ISK.

Highest bid IS 12b atm.

Bump! Still waiting for the buyer above.


Up once again. Still nothing from bad agnon.


Still looking for a buyer, i can let go of the char for 12 b.

Up we go.