8.93 mil Orca/Freighter Pilot

Hello :slight_smile:

Selling my character. Can fly an Orca and Freighters. Located in HS, no corp and positive ISK wallet.

Eveskill: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Aito_Sogereya

Please bid <3

6b b/o only good for a few hours as i have other offers in.

accepted :slight_smile:

cool, will send within an hour

I just realized that you didn’t post from the character being sold. can you please confirm with that character that it is indeed for sale?

yes one sec

@Enoch_Zamayid confirming <3

isk and account info sent

Hello @Enoch_Zamayid :slight_smile:
I received the ISK, however, not the account info. Can you please send it again?

check in the notes for the wallet transfer

@Enoch_Zamayid Hello :slight_smile:
Im really sorry but I sent you the ISK back. I wanted to do the transfer, however, it only accepts Paypal and Credits Card and not the other payment methods that I can use for Eve.
I am really sorry for wasting your time, please bear with me >-<
ISK is sent back!

isk received, no worries!

if you ever want to try again, you can message me directly or hit me up on discord, this_is_will#2501

added you @Enoch_Zamayid :slight_smile:

Still available?

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