SOLD WTS Very Good Orca / near rorqual / Jack of trades 50m firesale

Hi, For many reasons i am doing a firesale of this character, need the isk NOW, less than two hours.

Orca capable, very strog in drones, no remaps

High sec, positive wallet, no killrights, all ccp rules apply.

Time to rorqual : aprox 7 days, in game screen.

Mechanic to sale : when i announce the winner, send the isk and is your, i deliver in three hours, need pass all the combat ships to another pilot of myself and is a BUNCH of material.

Minimum : 37.5

Reason : 35 value Injectors plus 2.5 of pilot

Answer the thread, i am not reading the eve mail.

35b isk ready right now

i can wait an hour aprox, if i dont sell is yours.

Send me the isk and account now is yours, as i sale, i deliver in some hours.

Isk and account info sent. Thank you

Received , i deliver in some hours.

Roger, eta?

I do in a few minutes max an hour Literally a Bad problem in electric surge, i need use other computer with an UPS.,

Currently contracting my items to an alt,

l* later pass the money,

  • save the fits as a whole
  • and send two eve mails.

Sorry for the delay, you save me

Transfer was done one moment ago, Many thanks, sorry for the delay in do so.

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