WTS 34.7m Rorqual and Orca focused Pilot

Minigun Cook: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Minigun_Cook

Total SP:34,733,017

Unallocated SP:593,693

this pilot is focused on Maximum mining Rorqual and Orca and full mining boost skills

You can drive full skill Orca to boost your miners or just Rorqual to min yourself

Capital Industrial ships: V
Mining Foreman: V
Industrial Reconfiguration V
invulnerability core operation: V

One Kill Right(i dont konw how i got it)

Positive Wallet Balance, 1 Remap
Positive Security Status,Located in High-Secin ,NPC corp

Starting Bid : 26B

Buyout: 32B

ps:If you are not satisfied with the price, we can discuss it
pss:these ISK will really save my ass thank you

22Bil offer ISK ready.

thanks for your bid,but i cant accept an offer that is lower than 26b

best I can do is 24B

Appreciate,but 26B is my baseline,If you offer 26B and no one follow in 20 hours, i think we can make the deal


Offer 25b


26 bil

Thanks for the bids above.The auction will end in 20 hours, then I will pick up the highest bid or the buyout

I was looking for more prices, but seems i don’t have much choice, i’ll take your offer sir, please send ISK and I will get the transfer done as soon as i have time.

I’ll be on this evening to transfer isk. Sorry got stuck with work.

ISK and account info sent

ISK recived, character transferring

Transfer should be done,please reply onece you recived the character

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