WTS focused Rorq pilot

WTS focused Rorq pilot - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/General_Misdemeanor


  • Positive wallet
  • No kill rights
  • No jump clones
  • Currently located in Minmatar High-sec station
  • +4 implants
  • Completely clean corp history
  • 2 remaps available

Key skills

  • Industrial Reconfiguration V (T2 Industrial Core)
  • Capital Industrial Ships IV (currently training to V)
  • Mining Drone Specialization IV
  • Invulnerability Core Operation III (Panic)
  • Cap shield skills III
  • Jump skills injected
  • Good support skills

18b start
22b b/o


You do realize you’re currently training a level V skill that maxes out an orca, right? You want to train Capital Industrial Ships. This character as is can’t even sit in a rorqual…lol

Thanks for pointing that out - fixed; and corrected my original post.

Hanomaa Berviainen - let me know if your bid is still valid.

Wait what? I didn’t even notice that, what skill is missing?

My bid is valid anyway.

Nothing is missing now.
I had the Orca skill training & listed by mistake.

Injected the Rorq skill Capital Industrial Ships - which you can see is now at IV and training to V.

Uh ok, my bid is still valid.

Bump - current bid is 18b

19b isk


20b Isk

21 bil

Bump - will transfer to highest bid at the end of today.

If 22b b/o reached - I can transfer straight away.

MetaTrader - congrats.

Send ISK & acct details and I’ll begin transfer first thing.

Bump - no reply from Meta, auction back open.

I will honor 21b if anyone would care to bid.

21b isk offer

Carlos - accepted

Send isk & acct by mail and I’ll begin transfer.

Ill be on soon and send it, Im just at work.

Isk and account info sent