WTB Rorq pilot

Want To Buy a Focused Rorqual Pilot. 20-30mil sp would be preferred. ISK ready

I have a 18m sp Rorq pilot, what are you looking to pay?

Can you link a skillsheet and I’ll take a look?

Skillboard isn’t working right now, but I will try :slight_smile: If it is not possible I might just do a wall of text of noteable skills.

Sounds good to me

Spaceship Command

  • Advanced Spaceship Command 5
  • Capital Ships 2
  • Mining Barge 5
  • Capital Industrial ships 5
  • Exhumers 5
  • Industrial Command Ships 3
  • Ore Industrial 3


  • Jump Drive Operation 5
  • Warp Drive Operation 5
  • Jump Drive Calibration 4 (Over half way to 5)
  • Navigation 5


  • CPU Management 5
  • Power Grid Management 5


  • Capital Shield Emission Systems 3
  • Shield Emission Systems 5
  • Tactical Shield Manipulation 5
  • Invulnerability Core Operation 1
  • Shield Upgrades 4


  • Drone Avionics 3
  • Drones 5
  • Mining Drone Specialization 3
  • Drone Navigation 4
  • Light Drone Operation 5 (Heavy and medium are at 1)
  • Mining Drone operation 5


  • Drones Rigging 5
  • Jury Rigging 4

Fleet Support

  • Leadership 5
  • Mining Foreman 5
  • Mining Director 4


  • Advanced Mass Production 4
  • Mass Production 5
  • Industry 5


  • Metallurgy 4
  • Science 5

Resource Processing

  • Astrogeology 5
  • Ice Harvesting 5
  • Industrial Reconfiguration 5
  • Mining 5
  • Mining Upgrades 4
  • Plagioclase, Pyroxeres, Scordite and Veldspar Processing 4
  • Reprocessing 4
  • Reprocessing Efficiency 4

These are the most important skills, although not all skills are mentioned.
You can make an offer based on this, and I will send you a full skillsheet when I get that working?

How does 20b isk sound?

Was hoping for a bit more, how about 22b?

Meet in the middle at 21b?

Alright, thats a deal. As soon as I can get a skillsheet for you, we can get the isk transfered and the char transfer started. It seems the ESI services are totally down and no third party apps are working…:slight_smile:

Awesome, Thanks. It’s almost 11pm here but will be online tomorrow to finalise

No worries, it is 12 pm here, so I am also waiting till tomorrow :smiley:

Finally I could get the skillboard!

I will post with the character for sale shortly to confirm.

Good morning, ISK and account name sent to Camera Onnlin

Isk and account name recieved, starting transfer shortly.

Character transfer has been initiated, pleasure doing buisness. Have fun!

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