WTS 18.7 M sp Rorq pilot

WTS 18.7M sp Rorq pilot.


Excellent core skills.

Excellent Drone skills, including maxxed Mining drone skills. Can use Excavator Drones to fullest extent.

Perfect Orca booster.

Nearly perfect Rorq booster. Only 8d to Industrial Core II.

Also well on the way to a great reprocessing toon… as well as trading to sell off all those minerals.

25b to bid.

30b instant b/o.

Also full set of +5s

Positive sec status. In Jita.

20b offer

21b offer

25b instant now

At ‘work’. More bids welcome before I get home to log. Otherwise if the offer still stands I’ll probably accept it.


Bit retracted - Sorry, found some pilots.


21bil is ready


… b u m p …

. b u m p .

Your rorqual pilot is far from being perfect. You have a lot of skills which rorq pilots don’t need (like that over 0,5m SP in trade) and missing some core skills like panic or navigation skills like jump drive. This pilot require a lot of work and some investment from new owner so my advice is … take those 21b offers until people realize that this pilot is not worth that much. If you don’t believe me then check my history rorq pilots which I bought here.

‘Nearly perfect Rorq booster’. Learn to read before you go on a public forum. Didn’t know jump skills were relevant to boosting. oh wait, they aren’t. Also, tell us all how much yield bonus the PANIC gives to the fleet. None? Oh, wow, you’re 0-2. I’ve sold a lot less of a pilot for a lot more in my 9 years. I’d have had 25b if RL didn’t get in the way, kid. but you probably don’t know what RL is. Thanks for the 2 free bumps though o/ .

21.5b b/o

23b b/o as it needs a bit of work
Have isk ready to go

24 bil


25 bil