WTS Very Basic Rorqual Pilot

(Eve Reddit) #1

Hi -

Can fly a Rorqual and use Excavator Drones. Was trained as a tackle Rorq but now has basic mining and shield tanking skills.

Character is now located in a npc corp, has a positive wallet, has 0.0 Sec Status, and currently sits in Jita.


Opening bid: 20 bil
Buyout: 26 bil

(Yasmine Behirastixx) #2

Because you dont have Industrial Configuration 5, i think 19b is a fair price. how about that?

(XeroHedge) #3

I’ll bid 20b, i’ll send an ingame mail

(Skaara) #4


(RR Enat) #5


(Eve Reddit) #6

Thank you for bids. Leaving this open for 48 more hours.

Buyout lowered to 24 bil.

(Eve Reddit) #7

Highest bid in game is 23 bil from Skaara. I will leave this up for 12 more hours and then close it.

(Skaara) #8

23b isk Isk has been remitted to the account

(Eve Reddit) #9

Confirm ISK received. Character transfer in process.

(system) #10

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