WTS Very Basic Rorqual Pilot

Hi -

Can fly a Rorqual and use Excavator Drones. Was trained as a tackle Rorq but now has basic mining and shield tanking skills.

Character is now located in a npc corp, has a positive wallet, has 0.0 Sec Status, and currently sits in Jita.


Opening bid: 20 bil
Buyout: 26 bil

Because you dont have Industrial Configuration 5, i think 19b is a fair price. how about that?

I’ll bid 20b, i’ll send an ingame mail



Thank you for bids. Leaving this open for 48 more hours.

Buyout lowered to 24 bil.

Highest bid in game is 23 bil from Skaara. I will leave this up for 12 more hours and then close it.

23b isk Isk has been remitted to the account

Confirm ISK received. Character transfer in process.

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