WTS Rorqual Ore and Ice miner

Hello all:

I am selling the Rorqual Miner I have been working on, he
is not all the way there, needs a little work on jump skills, and little more
work on drone skills. But he can fly the rorqual, mine with the big drones,
and use in the panic module.

Skills are listed here.

I will not sell him for less than 18 billion. Feel free to message me here!

Confirming this, all CCP rules will be followed. In a starter corp and heading to Jita!

12b for this lovely and sweet toon, who is really a basic starter of Rorqual.

Yes I know this is not a high enough offer . But this is a good begin, help bump.

And isk is ready.

Thank you for the offer, but it is worth more than that, I could strip it and get that. :slight_smile:


It is still worth more to strip.

I have a 16 billion isk in game offer, I have countered at 17 billion.

retracting 16 BO in game

Well I guess I will just strip his skill points. No point in selling him for less than the skill points are worth. Thanks all.

sp worth 8b. toon is barely starting for a rorqual pilot.
offer 10b

13B if still for sale

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