Rorqual Focused Pilot for SALE

Hey there, im offering myself and my brother for sale

We are focused specced for Rorqual mining

:arrow_right:T2 Industrial Core
:arrow_right:Harvester Drones
:arrow_right:Panic Button Ready

Hearing reasonable Offers

Characters will be located at Jita 4-4 upon sale agreement

Both characters have Possitive Wallet Status

Neither have Killrights

Can sell in bundle or separated


I confirm I’m for sale too

11 bil for Rockmuncher, isk ready

9b for Capt Miner

Logging on Rockmuncher, please send isk and accoutn info

sold the other for 11, make it 11 and Capt Miner is yours

Isk and account details sent

Thank you!

THey are great toons and very well trained. I’ve been on the fence over getting a rorq pilot vs a carrier ratter. Rorq would make more an hour but bigger investment. Looks like you shouldn’t have any problem selling the other for 11b.

Best of luck

Xfer Started, thx for purchase

10b for capt miner

11B b/o for Capt Miner.

offer accepted, login on him now, please send isk and acc info

Character transfer initiated to the designated account, ty all for your offers and purchases

Any more rorq pilots up for sale or you all out atm?

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