WTS 18,5m Started Rorq Project or Tackle Rorq Pilot

Hey Wts my Tackle Rorqual toon.

-1,x Sec status
-No killrights
-Jdc 5
-Indu core 1
-defintiv needs some training;D
-Mining Unso | Character | zKillboard

  • got abit Leshak,sanning and gasmining trained(j-space time…)

I Can sell Optional Tackle rorq or Mining rorq with Fitt and Fuel incase Intresting is there.
I don’t necessarily need sell the toon got him floating around , so yeah afew bil wouldnt be bad.
Ones i started to strip alil so best way have yourself a look on Skillboard.

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My offer 13B is acceptable


you have to follow the rules:

post from the character thats for sale


that char must be in a npc corp

if you do both of those, 14.25b b/o


14.6b then


15b please lets be done

15.1b please lets be done



As the seller has not confirmed their character is for sale, I am closing this thread. They may relist it for sale once all Character Bazaar rules are followed. Thank you.