38m SP Capital industrial (rorqual) /Orca-Porpoise/ Miner / Freighter Pilot (Amarr dreadnaught starter)

I am for sale

Rorqual Pilot , Sub miner and Freighter Pilot, Amarr dreadnaught to 3 (was making it a dread alt)

EveSkillboard pw:12345

30B Opening 35B Buyout…



20 b offer

25b is ok

I’m offering you 28B, if it’s acceptable to you plz inform me.

Opening bid of 28B Noted

isk is ready

Understood… I will give it some time to see if there are other offers. If not I will decide whether the top offer is enough for me… or I will remove the character from sale… ty for your bid

Yeah I understand but given that it has been more than 24 hours since my reply and 4 or maybe 5 days since you posted, at least you should set a time limit right? And 28b is the starting bid set by yourself, how could you feel not enough while the price is set by yourself? So if you feel not satisfied maybe you should set your starting bid more precisely.

if nobody else would like to bid in the next 48 hours I’ll Make a decision

20,5 b offer

Already have a 28b offer… but thanks for the bump

48 hours reached bro

I feel that 28 Is a little low for me Considering the Character Has only been for sale for less than a week. Are you willing to come up at all? I think I could do 32

No I’m not gonna do that. You know rorq is not that useful compared to the past right? Which means characters specliazed in rorq are not so valuable now. Even 46m character can be dealt with 30b, I see no reason to ask for more.

Ok, thanks for your Offer

also the Rorq Nerf wasnt so bad, still very uselful, just not OP anymore

Anyway it is not as valuable as it was in the past. btw 28b offer will still be available until I find another char.


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