Selling Rorqual Pilot 29Million SP

This character is a Rorqual Pilot ,
Can fly DST, and Freighters.

Mostly focused for Rorqual mining almost able to use the Excavator Ice mining Drones.

I can provide any further information on this character as requested. Not really sure what to put on.

Perhaps read the selling rules here: Welcome to the Character Bazaar
Details what you are required to post, and what isn’t allowed (i.e. ships & items) to be included in the sale price.

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5 bil

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Thanks Draaz DuGal,

I also have the Exoplanets Hunter skins for the Charon and Jackdaw, Glacial Drift for Garmur and Soverign Claim for the Rorqual.

Isk balance will be positive.

Pilot is currently located in Null sec but that can be changed should the buyer decide they want the character to be in low or high sec space. No implants, Neural remap available now with 2 bonus available now also.
No jump clones at any station just home station. which is Duripant.


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Not very good at this am I? sorry, 1234


I’m new to the whole buying and selling thing really, I am looking to see what it is worth. I am bored of Rorqual mining now and want to do more PvP / PvE, I am willing to trade even for a Carrier pilot.

I think I am probably looking at 30B for it?
Just make an offer :slight_smile:


22 bil

22.5 kkk

23 bil

Wanna make it closer to say 27Bil?

or Trade for Carrier Pilot

26b offer

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If you are online currently, ingame mail me Judge Matty, I am online currently

Ok ig shortly

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Offer accepted from Mixes, as per convo in game 26billion.


funds delivered. awaiting delivery

I apologize for the delay in delivery, My best friend of 16 years passed away and I have been trying to deal with that and I lost the details you sent me.
Can you convo me in game, or send a mail and I will complete the transaction as soon as I get a reply here or via in game mail.