WTS Rorqual pilot with 27.5 million SP

Hi, I want to sell my Rorqual pilot - He can fly Rorqual obviously, DST Freighters, Can use Excavators and Ice excavators also.
HAs the following skins - Exoplanets Charon and Jackdaw
Glacial Drift Garmur
Inner Zone Shiping Catalyst
Soverign Claim Rorqual
This character has 0 clones no kill rights
positive isk and is located in Essence
Any further information is provided on request

password is 1234

Starting bid 20 Billion
B/O 27.5 Billion

Would also consider a character swap for possibly Gallentee Carrier ? or JF pilot.

Will keep this auction active until 03/11/2018

Happy bidding!

offer retracted

20 bil


21B offered


21.5 is it deal

Not at 21.5, I think the lowest I would accept would be 26 Billion

22B for Judge_Matty

Hi Kiriko233,
Just in the interest of keeping everything good within the forum post the character name is Judge Matty not Judge_Matty.

Yes, I’m raising money

I’m not accepting 22 B. I will accept 26B right now :slight_smile:


Hey ! I buy it for full Price of 27 Bill !

You there mate ?

Sorry buddy had some issues RL over the weekend. If you could be in touch via game can talk there. I’ll be on after DT sometime

So can i buy it ^^

27 Buy ;)First

26 You said :slight_smile:

Mr Maty ? :slight_smile: