For sale Rorqual Pilot 25m sp

just a rorqual pilot…

positive sec status
no kill rights
positive wallet
assets for recovery all over lowsec ( not much worth getting)

my best rorqual toon . near max i think. could use some drone work but was good in a group of 6+ no need to train em any more with such deeps. to each his own.

I am focused spec-k-ed for Rorqual mining

:arrow_right:T2 Industrial Core
:arrow_right:Capital Industrial Ships 5
:arrow_right:Harvester Drones Ice and Ore = yep (also have 30+ more Ore if you need)
:arrow_right:Panic Button OFC
blah blah blah

Any questions msg me.

I guess this is an auction and ill check back regularly. Top bid is 30bn by a few players…

I got this weekend to sell. If anyone wants to go near 30 ill take it. Paid transfer.

Char has positive wallet
Char is in a NPC corp.
Char has 600k unallocated skill points

Your buying a premade and tested char used well and trained to accompany your other rorqual pilots.


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25b offer


MetaTrader is Top bidder with is 25.5bn I will let this go for 19 more hours.

26B …

26.5b offer

27b offer

27.5b …

28b . . .

28.5b …

29b . . .

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Take back my offer


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I know im a week late! Sry guys. Thanks for the interest!

Purchase use at 30.5
Asuna DED at 30

I will accept either of these today if you guys get around and are still interested.

do you happen to still be sellilng this toon?

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