{CLOSED] WTS 28,9M Rorqual pilot


Invul Core ops - training to lvl 5
Industrial reconfiguration lvl 5
Cap indu ships lvl 5
Exhumers lvl 5
Expedition frigs lvl 5
Mining director lvl 5
Cybernetics lvl 5
Accounting lvl 5

3 jumpclones - Improved-standard-basic

Plex transfer

Starting bid 29B.

Can roles be transferred?If you can, I’ll bid 29b.


When is the last date of your auction?I don’t want to wait too long. Thank you.

@tomatotomato i’ll sell you mine for 31b :slight_smile: WTS - 30.5M SP Focused Rorqual Pilot

I have already responded to you under your post.

Also selling my last rorqual pilot here WTS 1 Focused Max Yield Rorqual pilot if you’re interested. Max yield, amazing shield and jump skills.

It’s been too long. I’m thinking of giving up.

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