WTS specialist Rorqual pilot; 11.5m SP (SOLD)

Looking to sell specialist Rorqual pilot; 11.5m SP


Located in Hi-sec, Jita 4-4, in NPC Corp

Positive Wallet
No Kill rights

Skill highlights

  • Can sit in a Rorqual and currently use Industrial Core I
  • Use ‘Excavator’ Mining Drones – good to excellent yield
  • Able to fit tank, run power and drones (inc defence)
  • Can use Pulse Activated Nexus Invulnerability Core – PANIC!
  • Industrial Core II in 3 days. (currently training Industrial Reconfiguration V)
  • Only basic jump drive skills (area to work on if you want to move a Rorqual)

Good solid focused Rorqual pilot. (Min wastage.)

I’m not in a hurry to sell, so don’t bother low-balling and I know I’m asking a lot, but hey, if you don’t want just walk on by!

Starting bid 15b
B/O 22b

Reserve the right to use PLEX for transfer. Undecided as yet!

18B isk ready now

aria Yatolila I accept your offer of 18bil ISK.

Please transfer ISK and sent account details and I will start transfer process.

infos and isk send

EVE Character transfer initiated, paid for service. o/ have great fun with her in a Rorqual.

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