WTS T2 Rorqual pilot 29m SP

Hello everybody.

Willing to sell rorqual pilot. Can fly in rorqual, use excavator drones, T2 industrial core.
It has decent refining skills:
reprocessing efficiency - 5
null sec ores - 4
Shield compensation skills - 5

No kill rights
Positive wallet
Has standard set of attributes implants and reprocessing RX-802 impant.
In NPC corp
In Low sec
No clones

B/O 28b


21B rdy

22B bid

23B rdy

24B ready

25bil :wink:

26B Ready

We will wait 24 hours more. Thank you for your bits guys

27B bid

28B Buyout.

B\O bit accepted, PM with with details has been sent in game.

Isk and the recieving account details have been transferred.

Transfer initiated!

Confirming transfer has been initiated

Nice doing business! Thank you for a smooth sale

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