Wts starter rorqual pilot

(Stokrai) #1

13.4m sp focused rorq pilot

Can use indy core, panic module and excavator drones

Positive wallet, I pay transfer fee, no clones, located in hs

Start bid 10b

(Brock Khans) #2

I’ll offer 8b, thats a big emphasis on the starter word there.

(Yolla TapNgo) #3

I’ll up my bid to 12.5bil isk is ready!

(Stokrai) #4

Looking for more! Still for sale

(Yolla TapNgo) #5

Was I even close? I’m way above the only other bid and 2.5bil over your starting bid. I’ll up my offer to 14bil, if that isnt what you want then make a counter offer so I know what ballpark to play in at least.

(Stokrai) #6

15 and we have a deal

(Yolla TapNgo) #7

I will do 15bil, account info and isk ready once you confirm we have a deal.

(Stokrai) #8

Confirming, send to this character plz

(Yolla TapNgo) #9

Account info and isk have been sent.

(Stokrai) #10

Transfer started enjoy

(Yolla TapNgo) #11

Notice of transfer has been received. Thank you, have fun good luck.

(system) #12

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