Focused Rorqual starter character 11.8mil SP

(Baexz) #1


I am selling

A pretty sweet starter Rorqual character, good core skills but stills needs some work.

  • Positiv wallet
  • No kill right’s
  • Located in high sec
  • 2 remaps

And i will pay the transfer.

I am looking for some good offers, i will sell the character as fast as i can, and if i get a good offer i can sell it faster.

(Avallah) #2

12,5 bil

(Baexz) #3

Thank you for the bid, i will let the sale go a few more hours. And when i get back from work i will sell it :slight_smile:

(Traderinon) #4


(Baexz) #5

Alright, ill give it another day. 13bil is the highest, if i dont get any more bids within 10 hours i will probably sell it :slight_smile:

So come on, bid on the awesome starter with a sweet name! :smiley:

(Traderinon) #6

Retracted - looking at other characters to. nice character though

(Avallah) #7

12b ready - valid 12 hours

(Baexz) #8

If you can do 13bil and i will start the transfer asap :slight_smile:

(Avallah) #9

12b, 11 hours and after will bid on other pilot

(Baexz) #10


(Onodor Ylkar'i) #11

13 bil buyout, isk ready to send

(Baexz) #12

Accepted, please send account name and isk :slight_smile:

(Onodor Ylkar'i) #13

Isk and Account Sent, Thanks :slight_smile:

(Baexz) #14

Started the transfer, thanks and good luck :slight_smile:

(Onodor Ylkar'i) #15

Thanks, have a great day!

(Onodor Ylkar'i) #16

Character Received, Thanks :slight_smile:

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