WTS Rorqual 17.3M


WTS Rorqual pilot

rorqual pilot needs a new home.

17.3M sp purely dedicated to rorq mining yield and survival skills

Key skills: t2 indy core, Invul core op 4

2 bonus remaps
Clean corp history

Looking for (Insert $) BO

10bil B/O

8 bil (i can’t tell if the post above is stating the buyout price or giving an offer lol)

could i possibly get a response to my offer?

Am also waiting, I’ll bid if the character is still for sale

Offering 7.2b

Are you still selling?

I’ll give you 7.1 b for your toon
isk ready :wink:
see ya

Hello still avalible ready to make 10b offer

probably a hacked account, unless the owner actually reply here

I contracted owner but the reply he gave was very suspicious and it was clear he was not fluent in English and on top of that he kinda implied that it was already sold and that if I wanted it he would sell at 17B but overall the conversion was unsettling like talking to someone who either has not played eve in years or does not play at all and possibly a hacker like you said

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