WTS Rorqual Pilot 28mil SP (price reduction)


  1. Positive Security Status
  2. Isk Positive
  3. No killrights
  4. Jump clone in Perimeter with +5 Training Implants
  5. NPC Corp
  6. Located in Perimeter Trading Tower
  7. 25 Bil Buyout
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confirming I am for sale.

daily bump

20B i offerd

lowest i’ll go is 26bil


I would take 25bil

22b,Can you think about it again?

I just sold another rorqual that had 5mil less SP for 23bil, why would I let one with more SP go for less.

23b,That’s all I have. Are you willing to sell it?

25b minimum, im not in a rush to sell.

Let me look at the others and think about you

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daily bump

daily bump

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daily bump

price reduction

24 bill my offer some skills are not fully there for what I need but good toon to inject.

25b b/o