SOLD WTS Focused Orca (Full) Pilot 52.6M

WTS 52.6M SP - Mining/Industry

Orca, Exhumers
Under 1day to Rorqual with t1 industrial core

Basic manufacturing skills.
Good shield skills.

Freighter 5

Character in the Jita system.
Attribute remaps available.

Starting Bid: 35b
Buy Out: 40b

Skill Board

31B offer

Start in 35B


30B deal?

Start in 35B, But thank you for your bid.


BuMp :slight_smile:


Bump $$$


BU3P :1234:


35b deal?

37b for buy out?

Think about it. Keep it for two days

Hi, we met in other thread. I offer to you 36.5b as buyout

reason : i have 37b but need purchase implants


Ok i send the Isk already with mi character – removed --, and give me five minutes to create an account.

i sent you an eve mail in some minutes.

Got it. ISK received.