[ Completed ] WTB Orca Pilot

(Beppe Caruso) #1

Good afternoon,

I am looking for an Orca Pilot.


  • Mining Director V
  • Mining Foreman V
  • Industrial Command Ship V

Let’s see.


(Beppe Caruso) #2

Daily Bump

(Liv inia) #3

I have one that’s maybe close enough.
18mil sp miner alt with PI skills
Liv inia’s skills
What would be your offer? I can include an Orca if the price is right.

(Beppe Caruso) #4

12B … negotiable

(Liv inia) #5

Thanks for the offer, I consider that reasonable with orca, but my only issue is she still has 69 days sub left. Would you be willing to pay for the balance of the omega time in isk on top?

(Beppe Caruso) #6

Not sure how that is handled, normally.

Sub is account and not character based.
So you, as the account owner, can use it to create/train another Omega char.

I’d add 1.5B … which is roughly splitting the difference.

New offer: 13.5B

Higher than that I can’t because I have to inject some SP to get the Mining Director etc to V

(Liv inia) #7

Okay bare with me

(Liv inia) #8

I’m trying to talk to CCP to see if there’s anything they can do about this.

(Beppe Caruso) #9

Fine with me.


(Liv inia) #10

I have left a ticket which may be the only avenue to do this. I will have to wait for a response. Up to you whether you would like to wait or get another miner to come past. If they can transfer / fix the omega account time somehow i’ll be happy with 12b.

(Beppe Caruso) #11

Let’s simply wait and see.

These things take the time they need and I am not in a hurry.

(Liv inia) #12

Good news, reply from support will allow the transfer of game time to! Still up for the trade? 12bil with Orca included. Ill wait for your reply.

(Beppe Caruso) #13

Let’s go !

(Django Osas) #14

i have an orca pilot to sell too

(Silanah H) #15

I might be in the market to buy a orca pilot too

(Beppe Caruso) #17

Hi again,

Please confirm price and that you are selling to me and I will send ISK ingame to Liv inia together with the account name to transfer to.


(Liv inia) #18

Actually I’m sorry to say but I think I’ll hold onto it for a little while, i think I’ll be able to get more money for her if i wait.

Sorry for wasting your time!

(Beppe Caruso) #19

Since the character sale was retracted … which character do you offer ?


(Beppe Caruso) #20

No problem :slight_smile:

(Beppe Caruso) #21

How much are you looking for ?