[ Completed ] WTB Orca Pilot

(Django Osas) #22



make your offer

(Beppe Caruso) #23


I did check similar characters in this forum section.

(Django Osas) #24

i can get 8b just from extracting it and it will still be able to fly orca

(Django Osas) #25

let me know wich are the skills you want so i will extract everything else

(Beppe Caruso) #26

Hi, my offer is for the character “as is”.
If you intend to extract SP or prefer to keep the char because the offer is too low, no problem.

(Beppe Caruso) #27

Daily bump

(Yuri Allen) #28


Industrial Command Ships 5 level To complete 7day

(Beppe Caruso) #29

That could work. How much you want for it ?

(Yuri Allen) #30

I am thinking about about 20b.

(Beppe Caruso) #31

Based on forum search and other, similar chars bought/sold … I will offer 11 B ISK.

(Yuri Allen) #32

Let’s make it about 15b

(Beppe Caruso) #33

12 B … can’t go higher.

(Yuri Allen) #34

Can’t you cut it off anymore 14b

(Beppe Caruso) #35

12.5 B … final offer.

(Yuri Allen) #36

13.5b gogo

(Beppe Caruso) #37

Previous offer was final, sorry.

(Yuri Allen) #38

14b !!!

(Beppe Caruso) #39

You want more than in your previous request ? :smiley:

(Yuri Allen) #40

Let’s make an agreement with 14b. :slight_smile:

(Beppe Caruso) #41

Nope :slight_smile:

I stand with 12.5 B since I still need to inject some SP.