WTB Orca/Miner alt. Other industry stuff is a bonus

Not really confident on a budget or anything yet but I’m looking to see what’s out there and am hoping to get a nice alt for boosting my corpmates when mining, mining myself, and doing some industry.

Selling 26.8M sp Orca/Hauler char Might be somthing for you. Mainly focused on Orca boosting/mining.

I did see that earlier actually, but unfortunately, it’s a good bit more than I’ll be able to afford. Would definitely be something I’d like to have, but I probably need to look for something a bit more modest. :slight_smile:

Currently in Alpha clone. If you’re interested I will resub to Omega.


How much would you want for it? At first glance I’m guessing it would be quite a bit more than I can afford haha.

Make me your best offer and let’s see what happens.

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