Sold, thank you

WTS 7 Mil SP (+1Mil Unallocated) Orca/Exhumer Pilot.

T4E Link

Clean corp history
No kill rights/bounties
Positive wallet and security status
High-sec space
No notable assets, skins or implants included in the transaction.

Character sale, not an auction.
8.5 Bil B/O firm.
ISK and account info to this character upon acceptance.
No end date, First 8.5b takes. Please leave a note here as I only log in to receive daily rewards.

Yo , 5,5 b


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7,5 b

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7.9B ISK waiting.

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if you would be willing to wait tell Jan 3 i could do buyout let me know what you think about that thats when i get paid would you be willing to hold off tell then?

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Thanks for all the bids, getting very close to the buyout price.
Sorry StormWolfx, hoping to sell before then as I’m closing some alt accounts and don’t want to resub on them next month

You dont have to be omega to sell a character. If that is what you were worried about

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even if it losses Omega you can still sell it on here so if you want think about my offer let me know thanks merry Christmas

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Thank you all for the bids. Sale still ongoing, buyout remains 8.5b

Sale still ongoing, 8.5b buyout for a 8bil SP Orca/miner pilot.

if you have not sold that toon by the 3rd let me know and will give you buyout

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Thanks again for the offer and interest Storm. For sure if there is no interest by then, I will transfer her to you.

For now, buyout remains 8.5b if any wants her today. Daily bump.

8B buyout I think that is a fair price given skills.

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Thank you for the offer Kai, keeping the sale open for now.
Price remains 8.5b
Daily bump

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No problem, let me know if you change your mind. I’m ready to transfer isk.

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Offer retracted

8.5b Buyout, isk ready

Buyout accepted, please transfer the ISK and account name in-game to this character and I will begin the transfer process.

Isk and account info transfered