WTS Max Yield Orca Pilot - 7.6 Million SP

Hi all,

As per subject, looking to sell max yield Orca pilot with 7.6 million SP.

Skill Sheet

Price = 7.5 billion ISK.

I confirm that I adhere to all CCP rules in regards to character sales.

Transfer will be made using card.

Hello, we can have a deal. I’ll be contacting you in-game.

I’m online now.

Confirming I’ll send the 7.5B ISK ingame ASAP; so gate is green for the deal on my part :slight_smile:

Offer of 7.5 billion ISK accepted.

Awaiting ISK and account info.

Update: ISK and account info received - transfer will begin shortly.

Update: Awaiting target user account to biomass character before transfer can be commence.

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Good discussion had with the seller; top guy! Biomass process has been finished and the account is ready to receive transfer! :blush:

I’ve completed the character transfer, so you should have received an e-mail notification.

Any problems, please let me know!

Character received; thank you for the sale! o7

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